It just doesn’t feel right… all up in there…

I love vacation as much as the next guy… well that’s not true. Maybe not as much as the next guy that likes to vacation at the beach. The everyday excursion to the coastline yields at least one consistent outcome (usually double or triple when you have kids), sand in places where you just don’t need it to be. I’m terrible at packing as it is, but to have to plan for the breakfast shirt, the beach shirt, the after the beach shirt, the dinner shirt and then maybe the after dinner comfy shirt that turns into a bed shirt to then triple as next morning’s breakfast shirt… I’m exhausted. Exhausted, and still picking sand out of every major and minor crevice of my body. Here’s to sand. Here’s to five shirts in a day. May they all be glorious. Here’s to a soundtrack to change your shirt to. Enjoy.

– Mike

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