Revamping this brand will take a Miracle

Millions of people grew up with Miracle Whip (I know I did) but it’s since fallen off the radar. Last Spring was the first attempt to bring it back…and in a big, bold way.

Miracle Whip (one of the most awesome inventions in all of recorded history, but that’s just my opinion) is revamping their brand. New image? Check. New package design? Check. Paid product placement in the most talked-about video starring Lady Gaga? Check.

The new messaging will focus around how boring mayonnaise is and takes direct shots at the competition. In addition to billboards and interactive games, Miracle Whip will launch new television commercials that say “mayo’s always saying how ‘real’ it is — real boring!” (OUCH! Hellman’s and Kraft Mayo). Their Facebook page asks people to take a stand against boring sandwiches with boring ol’ mayo.

But, is it too much? Is it too edgy? Is it trying to hard to be cool? What do you think? Can a 77 year-old brand be fresh and hip or is it more likely to fall and break a hip?

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